ISU CTK Game Design

A single player print-and-play dungeon puzzle run
FPS level design projects from ISU CTK 353 Game Design 2 Fall 2021 course
Fight a HORDE of BEANS! Get the highest score!
Printable board game related to climate change
What started out as a normal day on Blarfulon turned out to be the start of an adventure you would never forget.
Join The Knights of the Round Table's lesser-known extension: The Interns of the Less-Round Table
A short puzzle game where you are on a clock to reach the goal. Also, you can't see anything.
Control the ice! Capture the flag!
Learn from the greats and become the best villain you can be! (For a small fee, of course)
Find your groove!
A 2-player print-and-play precision strategy game
You don't know how you got here, you just know you need to get out.
Tomb of the Fallen King is a one-shot adventure designed for a single session of 5th edition of Dungeons and Dragons.
Hey, girl! Welcome to your very first day at Locker Room Talk Inc.
Tenebris Voyager is a sci-fi action horror game where you try to escape from unknown beings in a corrupted space hulk.
A not-so-glorious adventure of acquiring equipment before a glorious adventure
Welcome to Area 51! There is an extraterrestrial about, and it's the FBI's job to contain them before time runs out!
A 3d platformer that I made in a game development class.