ISU CTK Game Design

A 2D fighting game where heroes are elderly and fight with yarn balls, muffin guns, chips, dentures, and pigeon poop!
FPS level design projects from ISU CTK 353 Game Design 2 Spring 2022 courses
PUZZLE DUNGEON DESCENT 2 is a single player print-and-play dungeon puzzle run.
Quick and free fantasy maps for your role playing games
In this shooter game, you play a lost dragon who has to fly home.
A game about Bugs Battling, and making mistakes which you can't fix
A random NPC generator for any type of fantasy game
Visual Novel
Play in browser
Upwards Parkour Game
Made By Zach Martin and Cody Doerr, this prototype game is the beginnings of an escape room adventure in medieval times!
A single player print-and-play dungeon puzzle run
FPS level design projects from ISU CTK 353 Game Design 2 Fall 2021 course
Fight a HORDE of BEANS! Get the highest score!
Printable board game related to climate change
What started out as a normal day on Blarfulon turned out to be the start of an adventure you would never forget.
Join The Knights of the Round Table's lesser-known extension: The Interns of the Less-Round Table
A short puzzle game where you are on a clock to reach the goal. Also, you can't see anything.
Control the ice! Capture the flag!
Learn from the greats and become the best villain you can be! (For a small fee, of course)
Find your groove!
A 2-player print-and-play precision strategy game
You don't know how you got here, you just know you need to get out.
Tomb of the Fallen King is a one-shot adventure designed for a single session of 5th edition of Dungeons and Dragons.
Hey, girl! Welcome to your very first day at Locker Room Talk Inc.
Tenebris Voyager is a sci-fi action horror game where you try to escape from unknown beings in a corrupted space hulk.
A not-so-glorious adventure of acquiring equipment before a glorious adventure
Welcome to Area 51! There is an extraterrestrial about, and it's the FBI's job to contain them before time runs out!
A 3d platformer that I made in a game development class.