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This collection of FPS levels brings together the level design projects from ISU CTK 353 Game Design 2 Spring 2022 courses. This project uses Unity's FPS Microgame package https://learn.unity.com/project/fps-template

Level 1: Grant Carey

Level 2: Jay Johnston

Level 3: Joshua Melchor

Level 4: Nathan Long

Level 5: Branden Shaffer

Level 6: Jasmine Stewart

Level 7: Zachary Milazzo

Level 8: Rick Starkweather

Level 9: Othniel Carr

Level 10: Andrew Rohan

Level 11: Zander Ray

Level 12: Virgil Purcell

Level 13: Kyle Olalde-Welling

Level 14: Zander Karp

Level 15: Thomas Sterbenc

Level 16: Brennen Boldt

Level 17: Gabe Fulk

Level 18: Hamza Agha

Level 19: Luke Eckhardt

Level 20: Paul Seitz

Level 21: Dakota Adams

Other students in the class whose designs did not make this final collection due to technical or timing issues: Royce Adams, Jacob Colby, Donte' P Foster, Victoria Koenig, Katelyn Morley, Noah Meaker, Martin Page, and Brandon Pullum.

Development of Final Build: Gabe Fulk    

Course Instructor: Sercan Sengun, Ph.D. www.sercansengun.com  

Who passes and who fails this class? The decision is up to you :D Let us know in the comments!

ISU Creative Technologies Game Design Sequence isuctkgame.itch.io


PLD2022.zip 49 MB

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