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GERIATRIC JAMBOREE is a 2D fighting game where heroes are elderly and they fight with yarn balls, muffin guns, chips, dentures, and--the most dangerous--pigeon poop!

Original Concept by: Lauren Stipp

Game Design: Levi Arnett, Sam Fewkes, Rafael Gonzales, Martin Page, Sercan Sengun, Scott Sharkey, Lys Shilling, Lauren Stipp

Lead Art: Lys Shilling

Lead Programming: Martin Page

Audio & Music: Rafael Gonzales

Additional Art: Levi Arnett, Sam Fewkes, Scott Sharkey

Additional Programming: Sam Fewkes

Capstone Instructor: Sercan Sengun

Special Thanks: Amanda Hoffman, Jasmine Ogunnaike

This game was created for CTK 355 Capstone Fall 2021/Spring 2022 classes at Illinois State University, Creative Technologies Game Design Sequence.


Player One Controls:

A: Left
D: Right
W and Spacebar: Jump
Q: Fire Left
E: Fire Right
Tab: Super Left
R: Super Right

Player Two Controls (Gamepad Only):

D-Pad Left and Right: Move Left or Right
D-Pad Up and (A for Xbox, X for Playstation): Jump
Left Bumper/L1 B(Xbox)/Circle(Playstation): Fire Left
Right Bumper/R1 X(Xbox)/Square(Playstation): Fire Right
Left Trigger/L2: Super Left
Right Trigger/R2: Super Right

On character select, player 2 can use the controller to select their character after player one has selected theirs using the left stick and X(Xbox)/Square(Playstation).


Geriatric Jamboree Beta .9.zip 250 MB

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