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Beat Bound is a walking motivation game that combines procedurally generated goals, musical creativity, and outdoor activity! 

In Beat Bound, just select a movement range, the number of Beat Spots, and start walking. The app will randomly generate a scenario for you where you have to find hidden beats on the map and make them a part of your walking music. The map, goals, and beats will change each time you play, so each outdoor activity will be an event full of surprises.

• 0.1 or 1 miles, the range of play area is up to you.     

• Quick game or a long walk? Decide on the number of Beat Spots you need to find.

• Audio clues will help and direct you to Beat Spots.     

• In each Beat Spot, a random selection of beats will be available: listen to each and bind one as a part of your melody.     

• Don’t like the beats in a spot? Just reset and re-find it!     

• Use your musical creativity by revisiting spots and binding different beats to mix your perfect walking song.


Game Design

Mason Bates, Brennon Best, Jorge Colon, Ethan Cossio, Noah Schlosser, Sercan Sengun, Wesley Skym, Jacob Tolonen

Game Development

Mason Bates, Brennon Best


Mason Bates, Jorge Colon, Ethan Cossio


Jorge Colon, Noah Schlosser

Audio & Sound Design

Brennon Best, Jorge Colon, Noah Schlosser, Wesley Skym, Jacob Tolonen

Class Instructor

Sercan Sengun

Install instructions

To install, simply download the APK to your Android device and then run it.


Beat Bound.apk 58 MB

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