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What started out as a normal day on Blarfulon (pronounced blarf-you-lawn) turned out to be the start of an adventure you would never forget. Today King Boggle requested for your crew specifically to go out on an expedition in search of a new food source. Blarfulon has started to hit the point where food is not available enough for everyone's survival. Out on your adventure you come across a Green and Blue planet. While scanning the planet for potential food sources a meteor smashes into your ship and you start flying towards the planet out of control! You and your crew brace for impact, and you smash into the planet! Fortunately for you, your ship's safety systems were able to keep everyone alive. Unfortunately, the ship itself was badly damaged and you will need to find materials to repair it.

Interstellar Interlopers is a choose-your-adventure booklet you can play with friends and a d20.


Brennon Best, Alondra Cervantes, Ashton Gorney, Nick Lombardo

ISU Creative Technologies Game Design Sequence isuctkgame.itch.io


Copy of Interstellar Interlopers booklet.pdf 653 kB

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