A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

This collection of FPS levels brings together the level design projects from ISU CTK 353 Game Design 2 Fall 2021 course. This project uses Unity's FPS Microgame package https://learn.unity.com/project/fps-template

Level 1 (Rafael Gonzales): An easy beginning

Level 2 (Trey Howard): Learning to parkour

Level 3 (Levi Arnett): Some exploration required

Level 4 (Barrett Ury): Mastering the jetpack

Level 5 (Zach Martin): Where is that final enemy?

Level 6 (Lauren Stipp): Solve the labyrinth

Level 7 (Sam Fewkes): A giant problem 

Level 8 (Scott Sharkey): Are you patient enough?

Level 9 (Cody Doerr): Proceed with caution

Level 10 (William Kim): Jetpack shenanigans

Level 11 (Austin Mayberry): Conquer the final building! 

Other students in the class whose designs did not make this final collection due to technical or timing issues: Lys Bump, Ashton Gorney, Ben Irick, and Jasmine Ogunnaike

Course Instructor: Sercan Sengun, Ph.D. www.sercansengun.com  

Who passes and who fails this class? The decision is up to you :D Let us know in the comments!

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Project: Level Design 84 MB

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